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Part V. Removing MetaCritic from the Equation 7

With J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars being out in the wild, I’ve decided to use some of the post crunch time I have to revive my blog feature. Atypically I won’t continue with our crowdfunding journey, which I plan to return to in my next entry. Instead, I would like to focus on an interesting phenomenon […]

Part II. – Searching for a realistic target 14

Update: A huge thanks to Ingix and Tomas for spotting an arithmetic problem! All calculations and excel file have been updated to reflect the correct math. Now the only small differences should be the insignificant rounding errors. Also please keep in mind that this simplified way doesn’t count with eg. employee deduction. So if you […]


To create a videogame is really hard. To create a videogame without any budget outside of your kitchen money is even harder; but to create a videogame without any budget in 4 years and then getting ripped off by a publisher who has your exclusive rights is devastating. CBE software was not the only one involved but […]